Crypto turns positive as banks go negative, JP Morgan completes Bitcoin 180 and India, Albania, Antigua and China throw doors open while Russia slams shut

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Central bank thinktank OMFIF launches Digital Monetary Institute to cover CBDCs. More →

FATF travel rule June 2020 deadline is a myth, claims consultant. More → 

Bitcoin use on darknet markets jumps 65% in Q1 2020. More →

Is this Satoshi? Bitcoin mined in 2009 finally starts moving. More →

Regulatory uncertainty keeps half of all asset managers out of crypto, research says’. More →

Over 60% of Bitcoin has not moved in 12 months, Glassnode finds.  More →

ETH transactions easier to deanonymise than BTC, study says. More →



European Central Bank calls for ‘proactive’ global stablecoin regulations. More →


Country passes Europe’s most comprehensive crypto regulations yet. More →


Investors lost $3m to cryptocurrency frauds in 2019. More →

Crypto tax revenue ‘slipping through loopholes in system. More →


Authorite de Marches Financiers regulator says it’s too soon for cross-border EU crypto regulations. More →


Bitwala opens 4% Bitcoin Interest Account. More →


Token sales treated as securities offerings ‘by default’, government says. More →

Financial Services minister says blockchain aids against market manipulation. More →


Central bank urges crypto firms to register ahead of 18 May deadline. More →

XRP TipBot saved from €25k 5AMLD cost, closure. More →


70% of ‘Blockchain Island’ applicants failed to win license, authority says.  More →


Parliament votes to adopt tighter AML laws for crypto companies. More

Central bank supports creation of digital Euro. More

Bitcoin savings platform Bittr closes citing AMLD. More


Hackers sell personal data of 129m drivers for cryptocurrency. More → 

State Duma proposes law against buying Bitcoin with cash, 7-year jail terms. More → 

Authorities disagree on Telegram, crypto bans. More → 

Police arrest Post Office head for illegally mining crypto at work. More → 


Libra Association appoints ex-HSBC legal chief Stuart Levey as CEO. More →

Bitcoin Suisse targets €1bn ‘unicorn’ valuation, Liechtenstein bank license. More → 

Derivatives market keeping Swiss cryptomining off life-support. More → 

Government denies Crypto Valley $103m in Covid-19 relief. More → 

Hackers demand $6m in Bitcoin for stolen Stadler Rail trade secrets. More →


Delta derivatives exchange takes CoinFund cash for India expansion. More →

Delta launches 10% interest for crypto traderst. More → rolls out 4.5% Bitcoin Interest Account, limited in US, Japan. More →

Revolut sees 57% spike in crypto trading during lockdown. More →

FCA Launches Digital Sandbox for Tackling COVID-19 Solutions. More →

Thiel-backed crypto firm hires former Credit Suisse director for UK push. More →


New bill to finally allow crypto firms to open bank accounts. More →



Blockchain central to new Digital Government Strategy. More → 

Administrative Council for Economic Defence reopens crypto banking ban enquiry. More → 

United States

SEC Commissioner sees increased demand for cryptocurrency. More → 

Telegram agrees handover of documents to SEC in ICO case. More →

Telegram founder Pavel Durov bashes US as ‘police state’ in blog. More →

Telegram abandons TON blockchain project after losing SEC battle. More →

Telegram withdraws final appeal against Gram block. More →

Judge approves $25m settlement in Tezos case. More →

Crypto-friendly trading app Robinhood raises new funds for $8.3bn valuation.  More →

California securities law update presumes cryptoassets are not securities. More →

Libra rival Celo adds 25 new members. More → 

Crypto investor sues teen in alleged $71.4m cybercrime theft. More → 

CFTC files charges in $20m binary options, crypto fraud. More →

SEC puts forward summary judgement to close Kik ICO case. More →

ErisX debuts first ETH futures contract. More → 

Ransomware hackers behind $6m Bitcoin Travelex payout hit massive celebrity law firm.  More → 

BitMEX ‘seed investors’ sue for $500m in equity, damages. More → 

JP Morgan completes Bitcoin 180 to offer banking to Coinbase, Gemini. More → 

IRS solicits third-party help to audit cryptocurrency tax returns. More → 

Simba Chain wins Department of Defence blockchain contract. More → 

Overstock seeks to dismiss market manipulation suit over tZERO STO. More → 

Covid-19 defence fails for Arizona crypto Ponzi scheme operator. More →

Ex-Bakkt CEO Kelly Loughler hands documents to SEC in insider trading case. More →

VISA files patent for cryptocurrency system to replace cash. More → 

FalconX raises $17m from Coinbase Ventures, Lightspeed for crypto trading. More →

Class action suit against BitMEX alleges racketeering, fraud. More →

Nvidia hid $1bn in cryptomining sales revenue, class action suit alleges. More →

New class action suit alleges it failed to decentralise EOS. More →

AT&T loses bid to dismiss lawsuit over $1.8m crypto theft. More →

US Congressman pushes ‘Advancing Blockchain Act’ over China first-mover . More →

Binance joins US lobbying group Proof of Stake Alliance. More →

Central bank digital currencies a threat to US hegemony, say JP Morgan. More →

Wyoming Blockchain Committee holds first meeting:. More →

Goldman Sachs plans client call on Bitcoin, inflation. More →

Wall Street banks will take over crypto infrastructure by 2022, exchange CEO claims. More →

Louisiana BitLicense under consideration.  More →

Facebook’s Calibra wallet rebrands to Novi, nears launch. More →

Bitwage debuts company-sponsored Bitcoin 401(k) pension plan. More → 

BitGo launches institutional crypto brokerage. More → 

FinCEN director Blanco concerned about ‘bad actors’ hijacking crypto. More → 

Ripple CEO says regulators must embrace crypto or risk falling behind China. More →

Kleiman lawyers seize on evidence of Craig Wright ‘fabrication. More →

Think tank releases whitepaper backing US digital dollar. More → 

Samsung adds crypto trading on US, Canadian phones. More → 

BitClave agrees to return $25.5m from ICO in SEC settlement. More → 

JP Morgan pays $2.5m to settle cryptocurrency added fees lawsuit. More →

Goldman Sachs flip flops on Bitcoin, says it’s ‘not a real asset. More → 


President Maduro sets price controls for basic goods in Petro cryptocurrency. More →

Middle East & North Africa


Central bank to cut four zeros from rial as US sanctions bite.  More →

President Rouhani tells central bank to create national cryptomining strategy. More →


South Asia


Exchanges see 10X trading volume under lockdown. More → 

Two new exchanges launch as firms seek RBI clarity. More →

Bank Of Hodlers, WazirX speed up new products under banking ban reversal. More → 

Fintech lawyers push RBI to direct banks to allow cryptocurrency transactions. More →

India to significantly increase crypto market share by 2020, says OKEx report. More → 

RBI confirms no ban on cryptoexchanges, businesses, traders. More →

Reopened Zebpay exchange adds Chainalysis AML in compliance bid. More →

East Asia & Pacific


Head of Bitcoin-to-cash money-laundering syndicate arrested in Sydney mall. More →

Raiz micro-investing app adds Bitcoin. More →


Digital yuan will replace cash if four conditions are met, says ex-central bank chief.  More →

Shanghai court rules Bitcoin is an asset protected by law. More →

Shanghai branch of central bank warns over crypto investing frauds.  More → 

Central bank, securities regulator propose blockchain trade settlement system.  More →

Chinese Communist Party adds blockchain to curriculum.  More →

Police arrest 12 fake Huobi officials for operating scam OTC exchange.  More →

Congress proposes National Blockchain Fund.  More →

No launch date for digital yuan, People’s Bank of China says.  More →

Tencent invests $70bn in blockchain, AI to chase Alibaba. More →

China passes law protecting cryptocurrency inheritance. More →

Hong Kong

BitMEX goes offline citing trading engine failure.  More →


Financial Services Agency regulator accepts CryptoAsset Exchange, Japan STO as SROs. More →

Tokyo blockchain developers abandon offices in Covid-19 upheaval.  More →


Fake cryptocurrency platforms draw new ire. More → 


State investment fund joins Libra project. More →

South Korea

Two-thirds of users support crypto tax, study finds. More →

Buried report reveals money laundering sparked 2018 crypto crackdown. More → 

Ministry of Economy and Finance prepares new crypto tax law. More →


Energy Ministry orders government to use blockchain for palm oil trade. More → 


Ministry of Finance sets up cryptocurrency research group two years after country-wide ban. More → 



Antigua and Barbuda

Cryptocurrency regulation bill passes Lower Parliament. More →



P2P transactions hit 10m in sub-Saharan Africa for first time. More → 

Luno exchange eyes Ghana, Kenya in African expansion. More → 



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