Bitcoin jumps $5k in a month, BTC replaces gold, Argentina and Pakistan push regulations forward, billionaires get FOMO and pile into crypto.

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Ciphertrace claims Monero transactions now traceable after US security contract. More →

Ledger phishing scam targets crypto hardware wallet users. More →

OECD: Regulators must be allowed to participate as node on all private permissioned blockchains. More →

JP Morgan: Ultra-high net worth investors swapping gold for Bitcoin. More →

Ciphertrace: Crypto crime slows in 2020 but DeFi hacks rise. More →

Deutsche Bank: CBDCs will replace cash. More →

Bitcoin Cash hard forks, again. More →

DeFi protocol Origin hacked for $7m loss. More →

IMF: Central banks ‘defying monetary law’ by issuing CBDCs. More →

Deutsche Bank: Institutions drop gold for Bitcoin as dollar, inflation hedge. More →

Bitcoin will replace gold, says BlackRock chief. More →

Leaked Citibank report predicts $300k Bitcoin price by 2021. More →

DeFi’s first M&A? to merge with Pickle finance. More →

Bank for International Settlements paper says potential to ‘embed’ regulation direct into stablecoins. More →

Bitcoin exceeds 2017 record to hit ATH. More →

OECD to deliver international cryptoasset tax standards in 2021. More →

Facebook’s Libra to launch in Jan 2021 as scaled-back USD stablecoin. More →

Copper launches first DeFi tool for institutions. More →

$500m in ETH staked for launch of ETH 2.0 on 1 Dec 2020. More →

Kaspersky: Bitcoin theft will rise in 2021 due to Covid-caused poverty. More →




Christine Lagarde invites public comments on digital Euro CBDC. More →

China has stolen first mover advantage on CBDC, says European Central Bank. More →

EU seeks better tax information exchange on crypto transactions. More →


Louis Vitton digital chief joins Ledger. More →


Van Eck launches $2m Bitcoin ETN on Deutsche Boerse Xetra. More →

Finance Minister Scholtz demands quick decision on digital Euro. More →

Bitwala banks €15m to expand product line. More →


Tax inspectorate’s first confiscated crypto sale nets $7.8m. More →

Malta wins preliminary approval as payments operator. More →


39 cryptocurrency firms apply to central bank for legal status under 5AMLD. More →

Dutch central bank cites Sanctions Act, requires Bitcoin buyers to explain what they will use cryptocurrency for. More →


‘No acute need’ to issue Norway CBDC, says central bank official. More →


Prime Minister vows to ‘civilise’ crypto markets and protect investors. More →

Government approves law on crypto taxation. More →

Russia to recognise Bitcoin as protected property. More →


Senate unanimously approves regulatory sandbox for fintech and crypto firms. More →

Leading economist expects law changes will put greater tax burden on crypto investors. More →

Alicante Lottery provider certifies plays using NEM blockchain. More →


Cryptobank Sygnum debuts staking services, offer Tezos rewards. More →

Blockchain firm Lykke in ‘advanced’ FINMA talks on fractional trading. More →

Regulatory approval for Bitcoin banks ‘only months away’ in Switzerland. More →

Sygnum’s blockchain trading venue ‘challenging stock exchange dominance’. More →


Report argues blockchain would reduce risk of dismantling nuclear warheads. More →

UK will regulate stablecoins, says Chancellor Rishi Sunak. More →

Our role is not to protect bank business models against CBDCs, says Bank of England. More →


Government sponsors educational programmes on cryptocurrency. More →




Bill seeks to regulate Bitcoin as payment, savings and investment tool. More →

Stellar launches first two stablecoins tied to Argentinian peso and Brazilian real. More →

MP seeks to create cryptoexchange with state backing. More →

Hackers steal 50GB data from government, demand Bitcoin ransom. More →

Proposed regulation will end ‘legal vacuum’ on Bitcoin. More →


INX applies to list digital token on Canadian Securities Exchange. More →

EY wants to settle QuadrigaCX claims at April 2019 prices. More →

Tax authority plans to force Coinsquare exchange to hand over user data. More →

Coinsquare applies for regulated cryptocurrency market status with regulator. More →

Cryptocurrency tax crackdown puts traders on notice. More →


Columbian Stock Exchange adopts blockchain for OTC derivatives from Jan 2021. More →


Western Union forced to end remittances in boost to crypto. More →


Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pleigo latest tycoon to switch into Bitcoin. More → 

United States

SEC amends exemption rules to make crypto company fundraising easier. More → 

DoJ seizes $24m from massive Brazilian crypto scam. More → 

Colorado court orders Bitcoin ‘commodity pool’ Ponzi to pay $900k fine. More → 

New Jersey moves closer to New York-style BitLicense with debut Bill. More → 

DoJ seizes $1bn in Bitcoin tied to Silk Road darknet market. More → 

Grayscale Ethereum Trust tops $1bn AUM. More → 

Hedge fund billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller goes long on Bitcoin. More → 

Ex-Microsoft dev gets 9-year jail term for $10m crypto mixing thefts. More → 

Democrats blast OCC Comptroller for ‘unilateral’ cryptocurrency banking actions. More → 

Crypto holders may face tax action even without IRS warning letters. More → 

Paypal removes waitlist for crypto service, boosts weekly buy limit to $20k. More → 

Chainalysis launches ‘asset realisation program’ to help governments sell seized crypto. More → 

SEC, CFTC have hit crypto firms with $198m penalties to date, research shows. More →

Newly-elected Wyoming Senator wants to ‘bring Bitcoin to national conversation’. More →

Why FINCEN wants details on all cross-border transactions over $250. More →

SEC chair Jay Clayton to step down by year end. More →

SEC still working out what ‘qualified custodian’ means for crypto. More →

Blockchain threat data analysis tool Nakamoto Terminal wins CFTC Science Prize. More →

President Trump nominates crypto-friendly Brian Brooks to serve full term as OCC Comptroller. More →

CME open futures interest crosses $1bn - new ATH. More →

Grayscale tops $10bn AUM. More →

US weighing risk vs liability in cryptocurrency tax framework. More →

Texas regulators crack down on Bitcoin scams. More →

Coinbase sees institutional demand for crypto soar by $14bn in 2020. More →

Bitcoin is not a security but is a store of value, says Jay Clayton. More →

OCC proposes rule change to prohibit US banks from discriminating against cryptocurrency firms. More →

Noted Bitcoin bear Janet Yellen picked to lead Biden Treasury. More →

IRS warns crypto investors they under-reported gains for second year running. More →

Federal agents forgot to seize $400k in Bitcoin forks, researchers claim. More →

Binance gives US users shorter 14-day deadline to exit exchange. More →

Coinbase Pro ends margin trading citing CFTC crackdown. More →

US intelligence services consider China CBDC as national security threat. More →

Paypal bans user for trading crypto and lying about it. More →

Industry fears ‘burdensome’ data collection regs for crypto wallets. More →

Ripple sells off a third of Moneygram stake. More →

Guggenheim $5.3bn fund reserves right to invest 10% in Bitcoin. More →



Cayman Islands

Finance chiefs drafting first digital asset regulations ahead of FATF review. More →


Middle East & North Africa


Lebanon to launch CBDC in 2021, say reports. More →

Saudi Arabia

Report backs CBDC trial with UAE, country inches closer to digital cash. More →


South Asia


Cryptocurrency not banned in Pakistan, central bank’s lawyer clarifies. More →

Market regulator finally defines crypto, states intent to regulate. More →


East Asia & Pacific


Authorities charge alleged BitConnect scam promoter. More →

$2bn market cap investment fund pivots into ‘mainstream’ Bitcoin. More →

Border Force launches paperless blockchain trade trial with Singapore. More →


$299m digital yuan transactions have been completed, says central bank chief. More →

Authorities crack down on OTC brokers. More →

Xi asks G20 to be ‘accommodating’ on CBDCs. More →

Chinese crypto hedge funds look to Singapore, HK to skirt domestic laws. More →

Second Chinese city holds lottery to test usability of digital yuan. More →

Authorities seize $4bn in crypto from Plustoken scam. More →

Xi Jinping calls on 10 ASEAN nations to build ‘digital Silk Road’. More →

Hong Kong

Market regulator amends crypto laws — all exchanges must register whether dealing with securities or not. More →

FTX exchange launches futures for tokenised stocks with 100x leverage. More →


 Top banks to trial private digital currency in 2021. More →

Banking giant MUFG plans blockchain payment network for 2021. More →


$3bn blockchain bond withdrawn the day before sale. More →

Users withdraw 30,000BTC from OKEx as exchange reopens. More →


Singapore’s third-largest bank is building crypto custody product. More →

South Korea

Financial Services Commission says it will ban privacy coins Monero and Zcash. More →

Proposed update makes it mandatory for crypto companies to disclose user data. More →

Authorities to delay 20% crypto tax until 2022. More →

Upbit exchange introduces 24-hour fiat withdrawal delay citing security. More →


Binance ends support for GBP stablecoin. More →

Binance sues Forbes for ‘defamation’ over corporate structure exposé. More →



Most African cryptoexchanges vulnerable to money-laundering, says Ciphertrace. More →


Akoin starts trading on Bittrex in step towards African tech city. More →


Reserve bank reconsidering legal status of cryptocurrencies. More →

South Africa

New South African cryptoexchange promises ‘no KYC’ on launch. More →

Financial regulator unveils draft cryptocurrency law as usage soars. More →

Cryptoassets considered financial products under draft law. More →

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