Aggressive moves from regional regulators to entice crytpo businesses makes for an increasingly busy and incomprehensible space. Add to the mix self-regulatory bodies and it's a wonder anything at all is progressing.  But progressing we are, and with promises from the FCA that there will be more clarity on their position by the end of the year.

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European Securities and Markets Authority budgets 1.1m EUR to study crypto assets. Read more

European Securities and Markets Authority studying ICOs on case by case basis. Read more


Legislators drafting cryptocurrency-friendly laws ‘to become regional hub’. Read more


Financial Services and Markets Authority blacklists 21 crypto trading websites. Read more

South Korean subsidiary NXMH buys Bitstamp exchange in all-cash deal. Read more


Global financial watchdog to create cryptocurrency, ICO standards by June 2019. Read more


UK’s Coinfloor exchange becomes first to win country’s trading licence. Read more


Central bank and Deutsche Börse complete securities settlements on blockchain. Read more


Coinbase opens Dublin office as hard Brexit looms. Read more


14 banks complete interbank payments on R3’s Corda blockchain. Read more


State Duma plans to adopt nine digital economy laws by end of 2018. Read more

Cryptocurrrency ‘fever’ on the wane, says central bank head. Read more

Lawmakers remove definitions of cryptocurrency, mining from digital assets bill. Read more

Mining giant Norisk Nickel plans metals-backed stablecoin for 2019. Read more

Rosfinmonitoring watchdog asks for official reporting on cryptocurrency transactions over 600,000 roubles. Read more

Financial regulator calls for global rules on crypto exchanges. Read more


Ministry of Finance closes legal loophole, all citizens must now declare crypto assets. Read more


Riksbank central bank accelerating e-krona as cash payments fall away. Read more


Cryptocurrency ‘inevitable future of money’, says PM Muscat at United Nations. Read more

Malta Financial Services Authority drafting laws to patch vulnerabilities in cryptocurrency industry. Read more

Zebpay exchange renamed Awlencan, moves to Malta after hostility from Indian central bank. Read more


FINMA regulator gives crypto funds greenlight to sell blockchain-based assets to institutions. Read more

Smart Valor working on first Franc-backed stablecoin. Read more


London Block Exchange launches GBP-pegged stablecoin. Read more

Ofcom telecoms regulator gets £700,000 for blockchain telephone numbers project. Read more

Cryptocurrency laws may take two years to draft, admit legal experts. Read more

Barclays cryptocurrency project ‘put on ice’. Read more

Financial Conduct Authortiy announces intention to clarify position on cryptocurrency derivatives by end of 2018. Read more

Treasury Select Committee member Stephen Hammond MP joins IronX exchange in advsory role. Read more

Government blocks Royal Mint from issuing gold token, trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Read more

Regulation could backfire and break crypto market, MPs warned. Read more

UK Cryptoassets Taskforce says crypto tax guidance will be updated in 2019. Read more

Government considering ban on selling cryptocurrency futures. Read more


Legislator proposes 10-year tax holiday for cryptocurrency traders, miners. Read more

Cryptocurrencies will be legalised in 2019, policy developed on crypto assets by 2021. Read more




Cryptocurrency ATMs open to exploit peso volatility. Read more


Securities regulator Comissão de Valores Mobiliários gives investment funds right to buy crypto assets. Read more

Banks can close cryptocurrency accounts without prior notification in landmark ruling. Read more


Supreme Court of British Columbia rules firm can chase 530ETH sent to wrong wallet address. Read more

Bank of Canada blockchain trial successfully clears stocks settlements. Read more

Marshall Islands

SEC shuts down 1Broker exchange. Read more

United States

Wyoming state senators push forward with bank to fund crypto companies. Read more

CFTC chairman: Bitcoin could be main currency in unstable economies. Read more

Federal Election Commission reviewing requests to mine cryptocurrency for political campaigns. Read more

SEC sets November 5 deadline to review nine rejected Bitcoin ETFs. Read more

Poloniex exchange pulls margin trading for US customers. Read more

Fidelity launches trading platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read more

CFTC: Smart contract developers ‘liable under law’ for how dApps used. Read more

SEC fintech ‘Finhub’ launches to help startups navigate ICO rules. Read more

New York state regulators give Coinbase right to offer crypto custody. Read more

Coinbase USDC stablecoin launches. Read more

IRS urged to clear up cryptocurrency transactions rules. Read more

California court drops insider trading case against Coinbase Bitcoin Cash listing. Read more

New SEC head: Accurate valuations key for Bitcoin ETF approval. Read more


National Petro cryptocurrency is ‘blatant cut and paste of Dash’, claim researchers. Read more

Public sale of Petro to begin on 5 November. Read more

Citizens now forced to pay passport fees in Petro. Read more

Fiat currency Bolivar facing inflation of 1.4 million percent, IMF report finds. Read more


Middle East & North Africa


Israel Securities Regulator adds blockchain system for secure messaging. Read more


Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority planning ICO regulations for Q2 2019. Read more


South Asia


Reserve Bank of India denies creating ‘official blockchain research unit'. Read more

Securities and Exchange Board of India cites ‘confidentiality’ in not answering 68 legal position questions on cryptocurrency. Read more

Internet and Mobile Association of India forms Blockchain Unit. Read more

Economic Affairs committee preparing to illegalise unregulated cryptoassets. Read more

Authorities shut down country’s first Bitcoin ATM, arrest co-founder. Read more

Indian Supreme Court asks Reserve Bank of India to explain why it effectively banned cryptocurrencies without a formal ban. Read more

Hitachi partners State Bank of India in digital payments model. Read more


Central bank denies issuing permits for crypto transactions. Read more


East Asia & the Pacific


Disability insurance payments being trialled on blockchain. Read more

Australian Stock Exchange to roll out blockchain settlements in 2021. Read more


Ethereum protected under property laws, Shanghai court rules. Read more

Alibaba seeks blockchain patent with ‘administrator override’. Read more

December 2018 will see blockchain technical standards for privacy, smart contracts, deposits. Read more

People’s Bank of China recruiting cryptography experts for own digital currency. Read more

Blockchain startups must store user data, use real names, rules internet regulator. Read more

Civil court rules Bitcoin protected as property under existing laws. Read more

Merchants can accept Bitcoin for payments after Shenzen International Court ruling. Read more

Hong Kong

Total ban on crypto exchanges unnecessary, says regulator. Read more

Hong Kong Stock Exchange puts forward first framework for regulating cryptocurrencies. Read more


Tech giant GMO Internet to launch yen-pegged stablecoin. Read more

Cryptocurrency taxation to be heavily simplified in legal overhaul. Read more

No plans for Bank of Japan cryptocurrency, says Deputy Governor. Read more

Cryptocurrency industry can self-regulate, Financial Services Agency agrees. Read more

Financial Services Agency mulls leverage caps on cryptocurrency margin trading. Read more


9 crypto trading firms win offshore licences in Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. Read more


Monetary Authority of Singapore pledges to bridge bank account gap for cryptocurrency firms. Read more

Financial Services Agency regulator says stablecoins are not cryptocurrencies. Read more

South Korea

Chair of National Policy Committee urges government to legalise ICOs. Read more

Government rejects giving crypto exchanges same status as gambling industry - corporate and income taxes to double. Read more

Financial Services Commission doubles down on ICO ban. Read more


Financial Supervisory Commission regulator preparing ICO laws. Read more


Securities and Exchange Commission warns public over unregistered ICOs. Read more

New Zealand

Financial Markets Authority positive on cryptocurrencies in year-end report. Read more




Premier David Burt pledges to solve cryptocurrency banking crisis. Read more




Blockchain taskforce head urges central bank to tokenise entire economy. Read more


Government invites academics to develop ‘blockchain-friendly’ regulatory framework. Read more


Binance now accepts deposits in Ugandan Shilling. Read more


Central bank declares Bitcoin is not legal tender. Read more

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