Independent custody
connected to multiple exchanges

Pioneering infrastructure enables funds to deploy capital
across multiple exchanges, while maintaining independent custody

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The Copper Walled Garden

Copper’s award winning Custody technology and Platform can be used to create a secure closed environment for the transmission of assets across multiple exchanges, hot wallets and offline vaults

New technology brings new risks
New risks need new infrastructure

A walled garden setup is designed to mitigate malicious attacks against a Fund’s infrastructure and prevent fraud risk

  • Secured exchange deposit addresses
  • Add funds to exchanges directly in the Platform
  • External withdrawals require Multi-sig authorisation
  • Connect directly to exchanges using APIs
  • Full reporting through the Copper Platform
  • Verify and sign transactions offline

Copper Unlimited


Exchange accounts


Walled Garden

Using secure multi-party computation, key shards are created independently by the client, their trusted third party, and Copper. This creates a wallet in Copper Unlimited, which will be connected to the platform and exchanges.

The Fund’s investment manager will onboard with all of the exchanges required to facilitate their trading strategies. They then set the only non-exchange whitelisted withdrawal address as their Copper custody account

Using the Fund’s existing OEMS, the Investment Manager is now free to trade between exchanges, with the Copper Unlimited Vault providing secure, independent custody

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Supercharge your trading
with leverage

Borrow up to 50% of assets within a Copper Walled Garden without locking funds

Easy balance

Use the Copper Platform to seamlessly move funds from secure offline cold storage to any of your whitelisted exchange accounts

Suitable for
algorithmic trading

Streamlined collateral management functions across multiple exchanges, and supports existing OMS and PMS reporting tools


Investment managers do not have access to private keys or exchange credentials, ensuring withdrawals only go to fund-approved locations

Trusted by pioneering funds

“The first independent end-to-end custody solution for funds
that trade on multiple exchanges.”

— Michael Hall, Nickel Digital Asset Management

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