If you consider yourself an avid networker, chances are you are already familiar with our latest Coppercasts guest.

The eighth episode welcomes Erica Stanford, founder of the popular Crypto Curry Club - the UKs no 1 rated 'networking lunch' organisation for leaders in blockchain, crypto and emerging tech.

Erica is a firm believer that the strongest links are usually forged at the table (preferably over a hearty Indian dish), and reacted accordingly in founding the Club back in 2018.

CopperCasts are split into two parts. The first is a short (2min) video in which our guest shares with us something they find unusual or inspiring about the digital asset space. The second half is a traditional audio-only podcast, which you can stream at the bottom of this page, or search for it in all the usual places.

The Show & Tell segment sees Erica present a passionate presentation on how 2.5 billion of the world’s poorest population are poised to benefit from crypto by sending money to anyone, instantly - for free.

In the longer conversation, Erica and Tyler discuss her journey with crypto, its real value and how the market is dramatically evolving. Erica also sheds light on the difficulties she faced travelling across Asia and South America – having to learn the hard way just how extortionate remittance companies are.

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