During this time you won’t be able to access the Platform. Trade API keys will still function as normal, so Walled Garden users will still be able to trade across and at exchanges, but please do not initiate any deposits or movements during the scheduled downtime.

The purpose of the upgrade is to improve the security and efficiency of the Platform, making the user experience smoother and faster than ever.

Walled Garden trading support for EOS, XLM, DASH, XTZ, ATOM and OMNI has also been added. Copper Unlimited, our secure offline cold storage application, has added support for OMNI.

As a result of the Platform upgrade, some users will need to generate new Copper API keys. Please check with your account manager, if they haven’t already been in touch, any exchange API keys will remain unaffected. You can read more about it here.

Future development will increase OTC trading and settlement support, along with the introduction of margining.

We thank you for your support.

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