CopperCasts — Episode 027

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Episode 27 of CopperCasts welcomes Glenn Morgan, Digital Asset Practice Leader at Aon.

Aon is a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk solutions for a range of businesses, including crypto firms.

CopperCasts are split into two parts. The first is a short (2min) video in which our guest shares with us something they find unusual or inspiring about the digital asset space. The second half is a traditional audio-only podcast, which you can search for in all the usual places.

In this audio-only conversation with CopperCasts host, Tyler Kenyon, Glenn discusses crypto’s evolving risk landscape and the challenges the industry presents for insurers in underwriting policies. He details the different types of insurance coverage that are tailored to crypto unique risk profile include D&O insurance, crime insurance, staking and slashing insurance, and more.

In his Show & Tell, Glenn explains the evolution of insurance in digital assets, why insurance appetite waned after 2017, and how Aon is addressing this sector as it continues to transform.

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